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Benchtops are to kitchens what icing is to a cupcake – without icing, it’s just, well, a boring cupcake! Without a benchtop, your kitchen is pretty much unusable and a tad unattractive.

In the good old (really old!) days, benchtops were pretty much a laminated piece of timber screwed to the top of your kitchen cabinets but today, and with the help of technology and innovative new products, benchtops have evolved into stylish and elegant pieces of art that add not only functionality to your kitchen but also class and sophistication.

At Innovative Benchtop Solutions, we are passionate about creating kitchen benchtops for our clients in Perth that are durable, hard wearing and can stand up to the daily rigors of cooking and cleaning.

We are licensed and fully accredited fabricators of solid surface products and stone benchtops in Perth and employ only the best stone masons to manufacture our high-quality benchtops for our residential, trade and commercial clients.

Apart from kitchen benchtops, our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to create and achieve things that other fabricators can only dream of creating, such as entertainment consoles, interactive furniture, reception work stations, shower recesses and fully customised vanities.

When given a space to work with, we use state-of-the-art laser measuring methods and design software and carefully select materials and products to ensure we create a functional space with exceptional elegance, to complement your design phase. All of our design staff are fully trained and have a practical understanding of all the products we use.

Premium, high quality benchtops are our passion.

From solid surface benchtops, to natural stone such as marble and granite, engineered stone through to natural timber benchtops, Innovative Benchtop Solutions has the right benchtop to suit your needs and personal style.

So, if you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover, get in touch with one of the best benchtop specialists in Perth, Innovative Benchtop Solutions, for a consultation, inspection and quotation.

Engineered Stone

Made from a composite material of crushed stone and bound together by an adhesive, engineered stone benchtops are the ideal option for a high-end and stylish look for your kitchen.

Solid Surface

Solid surface is a non-porous, low-maintenance material, making it the perfect benchtop for a kitchen. It is a popular choice for modern kitchens because of its colour and design flexibility.

Natural Stone

The most popular applications for natural stone are in the kitchen, bathroom vanity, and residential and commercial flooring. Natural stone benchtops are also quite popular with designers and architects because it is stylish, low maintenance and hygienic.


Timber can be used in a variety of areas, from residential applications such as kitchen benchtops to commercial applications such as reception desks. Timber is popular for the warmth that it exudes and for its low maintenance.


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