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What Is An Engineered Stone Benchtop?

Engineered Stone Benchtops, also known as reconstituted stone benchtops or quartz benchtops, are a type of man-made material that is constructed using a combination of stone, glass or shells and a silicon or resin bonding agent. The more well known brands of engineered stone include, Caesarstone, Silestone, Q-Stone and Essa Stone benchtops which are widely used in newly built homes across Perth.

Much like natural stone, engineered stone makes for a very attractive, hard and durable benchtop and is fast becoming the most popular choice for modern kitchens. While they are not non-porous like solid surface benchtops, engineered stone is considerably less porous than natural stones such as granite and marble and therefore require less maintenance and are very hygienic.

Engineered Stone Benchtops In Your Kitchen

These are our top advantages for installing engineered stone benchtops in your new kitchen:

  • They are hygienic – Engineered stone benchtops are non-porous making them very hygienic for kitchen, bathroom and laundry applications and especially in areas that are prone to moisture.
  • They are good for the environment – Engineered stone benchtops are made mainly from crushed rock rather than single slabs, making for a smaller environmental footprint than natural products.
  • They are repairable – Engineered stone is quite tough but can chip around the edges if not treated with some degree of care. The good news is that these chips can sometimes be repaired but it’s always better to treat your engineered stone benchtop with a good dose of TLC.
  • Heat and stain resistant – Due to the makeup of engineered stone benchtops, they are quite resistant to heat and because they are largely non-porous, they are also less likely to stain and mark easily.
  • They are stylish – Engineered stone benchtops add a splash of class and style to your home and the appeal of polished stone is making it become a very popular choice within new and modern homes.
  • Large product range – The range of colour and style when it comes to engineered stone benchtops is huge so you can be sure that we will have the perfect benchtop to suit your individual taste and style.

If you’re looking for something different when it comes to benchtops, you might also like to consider natural stone benchtops such as marble, granite or quartz or even a natural timber benchtop which can add character and a rustic appeal to your home.


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