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What Is A Natural Stone Benchtop?

As the name suggests, natural stone benchtops are fabricated from natural forming stone that is quarried from various locations around the world. The colour and type of stone varies depending on the location where it is quarried, making natural stone completely unique, with no two pieces alike. It is this aspect that makes natural stone, such as marble and quartz benchtops, a popular option for many homeowners in Perth who are looking to create a finish and effect that is completely unique and unlike any other.

Natural stone products include granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, quartzite, sandstone, adoquin, onyx, and others.

Advantages Of A Natural Stone Benchtop

  • It looks good – There is something about a natural stone benchtop that is aesthetically pleasing and therefore it can transform a home or kitchen from being beautiful to being elegant, stylish and classy.
  • It is durable – Natural stone benchtops last a lifetime as they are incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance.
  • Each piece is completely unique – No two slabs of natural stone are exactly alike which means that you can truly create a one-of-a-kind kitchen or bathroom if you choose it for your benchtops.

If a natural stone benchtop is out of your price range, perhaps you’d like to consider an engineered stone benchtop for your home renovation in Perth? Engineered stone has come a long way over the years and often is mistaken for natural stone because the colours and grains can be created to look exactly like that found in natural stone.

For something completely different but a little more expensive than natural stone is a solid surface benchtop. Solid surface benchtops are non-porous and the most hygienic benchtops in the world, which is what makes them the perfect application for hospitals, commercial kitchens, childcare centres, etc. Solid surface benchtops are fast becoming popular in home applications where more people are becoming weary of the bacterias that live in their homes.

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