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About Natural Timber Benchtops

Natural timber can be used in a variety of areas within the home, from kitchen benchtops to stair treads and the range of species can adapt to any mood. This is especially true because of the variation in colour and knots that are found in a piece of wood – timber applications can definitely add character and a unique touch to the piece that is created, making it the perfect material to use if you’re looking for truly custom benchtops for your home in Perth.

The character and unique nature of natural timber makes it the ideal material for residential and commercial applications, from kitchen benchtops to laundry benchtops, bedroom cupboards to stair treads or office reception desks to break out room benches, the possibilities are endless and can be extremely creative too.


The Advantages Of Timber Benchtops

  • Large variety – There are dozens of species of timber available in Australia to suit any mood and style that you want to create in your home and to complement your kitchen’s overall look and feel. From pale blonde Tasmanian Oak to deep red Jarrah, our native Australian trees provide a smorgasbord of timber to choose from.
  • Environmentally friendly – Sourced from responsibly managed forests, timber benchtops can outlast almost any other type of benchtop. Yes, it is true that timber is soft in comparison to engineered stone benchtops or solid surface benchtops, but it can always be sanded back and refinished if necessary. The timber can also be used for other purposes once it outlasts its usefulness or when you decide to remodel your kitchen.
  • Rustic charm – If the rustic look is what you’re after in your kitchen, then timber is the ideal material for your benchtops because nicks, scratches and even little stains here and there, enhance the appearance of the timber and add extra charm.
  • Low maintenance – Timber benchtops are relatively low maintenance and only required to occasionally reseal the timber with a natural oil finish.

If timber benchtops are not quite the style you’re after, then there is always the option of a natural stone such as marble, granite or quartz benchtops. As with natural timber, natural stone is also extremely unique as the stone is taken straight from the location where it is quarried and turned into a benchtop, so the colours, markings and patterns are completely unique to that piece of stone.

Other benchtop options include engineered stone benchtops or solid surface benchtops – each has their own pros and cons but both will give your kitchen, bathroom or laundry the beautiful finish it deserves.


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