Drawer Banks

Walk into many modern kitchens these days and you will find that drawer banks are becoming a very popular choice. Not only do they look good from a design perspective, but more importantly, they provide for easy accessibility without having to reach into the back of a cabinet to get stuff out – just simply pull open a drawer and there everything is right in front of you!

  • One Drawer Base Unit 450mm

    One Drawer Base Units

  • Two Drawer Base Unit 450mm

    Two Drawer Base Units

  • Three Drawer Base Unit 450mm

    Three Drawer Base Units

  • Four Drawer Base Units 450mm

    Four Drawer Base Units

  • Five Drawer Base Units 450mm

    Five Drawer Base Units

  • Oven Base Unit With One Drawer 600mm

    Oven Base Unit With One Drawer

  • Blum Corner Drawer System No Doors

    Blum Space Corner System – 1000mm x 1000mm



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